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Facts on Lord Rama

5 Apr 2018 2:20 PM | Bharatha Samskriti Prathishtan (Administrator)

Rama, also Ramacandra. The hero of the major Hindu epic, Ramayaṇa. The initial core of the epic portrays Rama as a courageous prince following the example of his ancestor Raghu (hence his epithet Raghava). But in the full epic and the Puraṇas, Rama is an avatara (manifestation) of Vishnu, the seventh and almost equal in importance to Krishna. Rama and his wife Sita are the model spouses for Hindus. Valmiki traces the spiritual path of Rama in Yoga-vasistha, and to him also is ascribed the central part of Ramayana. The present work is in seven kandas, sections, of which (ii)–(vi) tell of Rama's birth (celebrated in the festival Rama Navami) and childhood; his life in Ayodhya and his banishment; his life in the forest and Sita's abduction by Ravana; Rama's life with his monkey allies; his crossing over the bridge to Sri Lanka; the battle, the defeat of Ravana (celebrated in the festival of Dasara) and the rescue of Sita; his life in Ayodhya, Sita's banishment and return, their death and ascent to heaven. (i) and (vii) contextualize the narrative by glorifying Rama as an avatara of Vishnu. To read the epic is to be associated with Rama. The same is effected by repeating Rama's name in the ear of a dying person. Ram as a mantra is held, especially by Vaishnavites, to contain the universe, and from that mantra all languages have emerged.

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